Monday, April 15, 2013

The House of Payne is Literally a House of Pain

This picture makes no sense.

So the Bulls game ends and the station cuts back to "House of Payne", the Tyler Perry sitcom, which was already in progress. The son was in ROTC and something made the mother upset and she tells the son he  can't do it anymore because it will lead to the Army, which is too dangerous for him.

The son tries to plead his case, and the mother essentially tells him he has no say in the matter. Perplexed, the boy tries to plead his case again, understandably frustrated.
The mother then says, "You were worried about getting hit crossing the street, you need to be worried about getting hit right here!"

And she meant it. How dare her son voice his opinion, and about his future! His father had even warned him, told him not to go down that road. 

The debate over whether it's okay to hit children has been heating up recently. In 2011, a judge was shown beating his 16 year old daughter with a belt  because she illegally downloaded files from the internet. He received a year suspension from the bench(paid of course), and no longer oversees cases where parenting ability is called into question.

Ohio father Greg Horn was arrested after whipping his two daughters with video cables for sneaking out. They were visiting him, and when their mother get them back into her custody, she noticed the welts and contacted the police. 

I don't understand why people are able to hit their children. You can't hit an adult, why are you allowed to hit a child? Furthermore, why would you want to? You can't beat someone into seeing things your way. You can only instill fear that makes them too afraid to disagree with you.

Shawn says don't hit your kid because talking is what mature people do; hitting is what bullies do.

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